Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Wake Up

Quite often by the end of the day I'm tired and hungry. I feel lethargic and exhausted and by the time I've taken a train and a bus home and I'm through the door my motivation to go out running is at zero. Sometimes I even tell myself I don't want to run as soon as I wake up.


It's worse now it's dark and cold.

So i had to force myself to go to running club tonight. I had two slices of toast with honey and a mug of coffee and dragged myself out of the door.

A warm up run then 4 x 600 metres efforts later I feel a lot better for it


I've a question for cookers of unusual food out there: What do I do with soya flour? I bought some to make pancakes but aside from making pancakes every day for the next month I'm not sure how to use the rest of it. Anyone got any ideas?


  1. Well done on getting out for that run! No ideas for the soya flour I'm afraid - I guess you could use it to sub regular flour half and half in some recipes?

  2. I've never tried soya flour, and I'm not baker - sorry!
    I always feel better after a run, especially when I don't feel like going out in the first place.