Wednesday, 8 February 2012

DJ, Ease My Mind

I'm still here. I'm still running. 82.33 miles in January, and 30.39 miles so far this month.

For most of January I felt miserable and demoralised as I was struggling to manage 10 min/miles and my marathon target is 9 min/miles. I was always last at running club, tagging minutes behind everyone else unable to summon the energy to keep up. I stuck to the mileage I'd planned for myself and tried not to worry about not being as quick as planned, and a weekend away forced me to re-arrange my runs so I had 3 days without running from last Saturday to Monday.

This week I'm knocking out 8:30 miles easily and am beginning to feel like I can regain the fitness I lost over the holiday season.

KBO should be my motto.

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