Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Short Change Hero

Ok so I'm at the gym. Last night I discovered an amazing song by an amazing band, Short Change Hero by The Heavy, and I thought, "That is going on my gym playlist RIGHT NOW." I could see it being used in a western film with cowboys getting ready for a shootout at noon in a flea-infested town somewhere in the deserts of Utah. The wind whistles and raises a small dust devil that rolls along the main street. The hero chews down on his cigar and squints. The townspeople rush inside. The churchbell tolls...

So I downloaded it, loaded it onto my iPod shuffle and practically skipped to the gym today knowing that THIS AMAZING SONG would feature in my workout and I was looking forward to my planned CT session because it's not as hard as the intervals I did yesterday or the race pace run I've got tomorrow.

So I got to the gym and hopped on the elliptical. 30 minutes later it still hadn't appeared. Never mind, I had 30 minutes on the bike to do as well, it would surely crop up.  15 minutes in and still no 'Short Change Hero'. My earphones have been dodgy recently and I lost Lefty last week. 15 minutes in Righty joined him in the big earphone factory in the sky.


So I got off the bike and went home.

How do you handle music disappointment?

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