Thursday, 2 June 2011

Burning Down the House

Hello, I'm back. I'm not dead or abandoning the blog. I've been busy and I've been away. My partner and I spent the bank holiday weekend walking in the Peak District with friends. The calories I burnt walking just about covered the pub meals and beer, but only just. I'm going to blog our walks later this week when I've a bit more time.

Today's song is in honour of a) one of the best bands ever, and b) the gym today because the AC was broken and it felt like it was around 28C in there. I was doing some sit-ups and pushups on a mat and I swear to God my shins were sweating. Not the healthy I've-just-done-some-heart-pumping-cardio sweat, but the miserable itchy sweat that your body does when it's too hot and it wants you to find a nice fridge to sit in. Or is this TMI?

Anyway, my 3.5mile 6.9mph race pace run on the treadmill was incredibly difficult, and I felt a bit sick afterwards but I refused to give up (aside from a short pause to swig some water around 2 miles in) because I've been slack recently and missed a few training sessions. I missed an interval and a long-distance run last week on top of the runs I'd already planned to drop because I'd be walking instead.

All I know is if the AC is still broken tomorrow there's no way I'll be able to do my planned interval session. :(

I'm going to tentatively put some June goals up. I'm a bit loath to do this because I rarely achieve stated goals, but here goes anyway.
Anyone else got any goals?
Anyone want to do the hundred pushups and two hundred sit-ups challenge with me?

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  1. Hehe, there's no way you're roping me into doing a pushups or situps challenge right now! I don't think I'd do either on its own, let alone together!

    Good going on the treddie run though. It's sticking at sessions like that when they are really hideous that really brings progress :)