Thursday, 11 August 2011


I wasn't going to post because all I've been doing is running and working. Boring work and boring runs. But Mr Scientist asked me when my next post was going to be since I haven't posted in 4 days and I can't disappoint him of all people.

Last night I was up late attending to a colleague's leaving do. Late as in 2:20 bedtime late. No alcohol though, which was a good thing. I didn't realise how much it would affect my run until I started. My legs felt like lead and every second on the treadmill felt like an hour. Soon I was getting antsy and bored. I felt no elation or enjoyment, just a trudging kind of annoyance at being stuck there. I was supposed to do a 40 minute tempo run, but I opted for a less intense and slower tempo run instead. On level 0.

I chose Glosoli by Sigur Ros on my iPod at around minute 36 to carry me through to the end and I was just getting into it when I accidentally hit the emergency stop button.


I hate it when I do that.


I mentioned in a comment on Every Day's a Picnic that I used to have a blog about living abroad. I lived in Syria for 10 months and blogged the hardcopy diary I kept as a way of updating my friends and family about what I was doing there. In 2007 I deleted it in a fit of madness and only have one post saved - a post about the afternoon my friend and I visited the semi-abandoned Jewish Quarter of Damascus.
I've been thinking recently about rewriting it so it contains pictures and history of the area where I lived rather than just my friends' and my exploits and reblogging it.

Would you be interested in reading one post a month about it?


  1. I'd be really interested in readind all about your time in Syria - it sounds like it would be fascinating :-)
    I've never accidently pressed the emergency stop, but I'm always paranoid about it!

  2. I went out with a couple of guys the other night who have been researching / travelling in that part of the world and it was fascinating. I also think it's great to see these things through the perspective of someone living. I got into blogging in this way actually, writing a sort of online diary for family and friends during a 6 month research stint in Boston (US). I kept it private (and still do), but it's really fun to look back on, so I think you'd really appreciate going over it again.

    As for the run, I'm pretty impressed you got it done at all after getting in that late!