Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sort of walking the Great North 10K

I popped over to Gateshead yesterday to try to walk the Great North 10k. I went a bit wrong at the beginning, and didn't walk all to the end but I got a good feel for the area's hills and flats. It was hot and sunny. It is not hot and sunny today. It will not be hot and sunny tomorrow either. :(

Right now I'm having a lazy afternoon with a DVD of Tamara Drewe and a pot of green tea with mint while I wait for my parents to arrive for dinner. They're staying over and will be cheering me on at the race tomorrow. :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Here are some photos of the route of the run

Beautiful Gateshead International Stadium Industrial Park.

The Millenium Bridge over the Tyne

The Baltic art gallery

The Sage

Sculpture on the banks of the Tyne.


  1. It's a good idea to walk the route beforehand, it's something I didn't do before my 10k and I was a bit surprised by the hills!

    Tamara Drewe is good - I liked it anyway :-)

  2. I'm glad I walked it, it's useful to prepare for the hills and also how to get there and away.

    I've just finish Tamara Drewe and I really enjoyed it. I was gripped by the end. :)