Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Hello and happy Wednesday. It's almost the weekend, don't you know?

I've been busy and haven't had much time for running or exercise in general. I've had lots of time for eating and drinking and I'm consequently feeling very full and bloated all the time.

I have managed to squeeze in a running club night yesterday and an hour of Davina Body Buff today. It's my first run through the DVD even though I bought it ages ago. It was fun and a real challenge.

Instead of applying for jobs I've been cooking with vegetables we were given by Mr Scientist's parents and to use up ingredients I bought the other week. I made 3 1lb jars and 1 200g jar of green tomato chutney (green tomatoes courtesy of Mr Scientists' parent's vegetable patch). Unfortunately I only have the 3 1lb jars left because I accidentally knocked the smaller jar on the floor and it smashed. I now have a very clean floor.

I used this recipe. I made it last year with green tomatoes from my mum's garden, but I had around 750g of tomatoes so I increased all the other ingredients correspondingly. Last year's batch was very salty so I decreased the amount of salt I put in to 1.5 tbps.

I also made another batch of tahini-miso-walnut carrot slices and froze them.

I've also got a large bag of 'Bright Lights' swiss chard that needs eating up sharpish. I'm going to have some steamed with dinner tonight and make a frittata with some tomorrow, but I know we'll have some left over.  

Any ideas what to do with swiss chard?

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  1. I found a recipe for swiss chard cooked in coconut milk and it tasted delicious! I like the sound of those carrots.