Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I've had an ok week so far. I'm back on track with running regularly and have started training for the Yorkshire 10k at the end of October.  I did 10x1 minute interval session yesterday and a 4 mile run today. The intervals went better than the 4 miler even though my iPod started playing silly buggers yesterday a few minutes into the session.

Work-wise things are ok. As of mid-October I'm unemployed. I've decided to take a month or so off actively job-hunting after I finish my contract to complete my Citizens Advice Bureau training and get some other work experience under my belt. I've been ringing companies to ask if I could do some work experience to find my CV vanishing into the ether more often than not after they've told me to send it to them.

Until last Friday when I emailed a company and pretty much got a response straight away. I have a week organised for mid-November, which is awkward but do-able. I checked my inbox this morning to see an email from the company which was sent yesterday afternoon. They were asking if I were available to do a paid admin job for 4 weeks from October 10th, and could I answer ASAP? I sent an email saying I was very interested in the opportunity but unfortunately not available until 17th October. I asked if I could start later and just do 3 weeks.

I haven't heard back. So for a few hours I was over the moon and dreaming of them extending the temporary position forever, naturally. However now I'm getting a bit worried. It's not been that long in the grand scheme of things, but considering how prompt the company was in responding on Friday I'm not very hopeful.

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  1. When it comes to job hunting persistance pays off, if you write to enough companies and apply for enough jobs something will come up. I know how hopeless it can feel sometimes!