Wednesday, 21 September 2011


First I was like, 'These trainers don't look that bad. They're 18 months old and have done hundreds of miles but the soles are still good and they still give loads of support.'

Then I thought, 'Well this isn't good, especially with winter coming...'

So I took advantage of the Start Fitness 20% off for Parkrun members last weekend and got my gait analysed and bought myself some new trainers. I also wanted to go to Start Fitness because I had a morbid desire to see just how bad my overpronation was. I have very flat feet and last time I got some trainers I was advised to get some with a lot of support to avoid overpronation and injury.

So I hopped on the treadmill at Start Fitness and ran for a bit in neutrally cushioned trainers. I made the salesbloke go, 'Woah, um...' and basically the following video has nothing on how bad my overpronation is.

Swear to God on my video it looked like my ankles were bending so much they would snap, which is another nail on the coffin of my Olympic dream... *sigh*

But anyway, with shiney new shoes I have a renewed passion in running after slacking for a few weeks. On I went to my running club on Tuesday and jointly won a prize in a pacing exercise with another club member. I thought I'd seen the last of the handicap league but arrived on Tuesday to find out we would be running a backwards handicap. This is where you pick a time you think you will complete the 3.46 mile handicap course in, and you try to do this without the aid of a running watch. The person who does it closest to the timer reaching zero wins.

I picked 29 minutes since I'd previously done it in 28:27 and 28:57 and I didn't feel like beasting myself. Another member chose this time as well, with a few people choosing slower and most people picking faster. My running partner was a real help and kept me going when I had a horrible stitch. Everyone who set off after us passed us but we stuck to our effort level. As we drew near the finish line I saw everyone watching us with grins on their faces and I was confused. Then as we passed the session leader who was timing the handicap a buzzer went off. We'd finished the course with ONE SECOND left on the clock and won the prize, a box of chocolates. Nom!

I've decided to do the Yorkshire Coast 10k because it's near and I know people in the area I can crash with. I know Scarborough well and the course has the added bonus of really blummin' flat apart from a hill in the middle so I'm going to make an attempt at another PB. Note to race organisers: More races along flat seashores, please.

Since then I've done a 3.5 mile run today and an hour of Yogalates. Tomorrow I have to find time to do intervals, and have a swim pencilled in for Friday.


  1. Nice shoes!
    When I went to get my gait tested I ended up with the whole of the staff surrounding the treadmill looking at me because my gait was so weird. Hopefully I've had that corrected with orthotics now!

  2. You had me at "shoes" :-)
    I'm also sure gait changes over the years so shoes we loved 10 years ago may no longer provide the same support now.