Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Micro Disneycal World Tour

This song feels a lot more upbeat than me. Has summer just given up and slunk straight into autumn with an embarrassed shrug of its shoulders and an apologetic smile?

I made it to the gym for the first time this week.  On Monday I felt too lethargic to go, and on Tuesday I was too busy attending a training session for a charity I volunteer with.  I went because I had a free evening and I have been feeling more energetic than when I started the low-carb diet, but not as energetic as I feel normally.  I've noticed I walk slower on the way to work, for example.

This does make me wonder of the point of low-carb diets if the early phases make me feel so damn awful.  I did Weightwatchers a long time ago and felt great from the word go.  I was, however, often very hungry and unable to make my points work out so I felt sated.  I don't think I work with the mentality that you can eat what you want (within moderation) on Weightwatchers,  because I have kept that mentality, and end up eating what I want but too much of it.

So the very rigid rules of a low-carb diet are working for me in the short term, but I am unsure if I can keep it up long term.  Hopefully when I get to my goal weight I can maintain and still have a few treats every now and again. At least whiskey has zero carbs.

The weightloss is also working - I've lost 3.4lb since starting the diet.  I'm not sure how much is water weight and blah blah blah, but seeing lower numbers on the dial of my scales is encouraging.  I hope I can keep it off long term, however, and that a minor slipup (because I will have them) won't cause me to pile the weight back on...

My workout was quick, and my 2 mile run was very, very slow - I blame the low carb diet, not the fact that I haven't run properly since May.


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