Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Back to Reality

Remember me?

I was supposed to run a marathon.

Well,  I didn't run a marathon.  I got runner's knee in both knees, then I got plantar fasciitis in both feet and it was too painful to run for even 5 minutes. Then I gave up on the marathon because I realised I didn't actually enjoy running 19 miles on a Sunday, and a couple of 6-9 mile runs on a weeknight.

I one thing I didn't give up on was eating like I was still training for a marathon.

I also got a rice cooker for Christmas and discovered my new favourite comfort food was a bowl (or two) of sushi rice smothered in Sriracha sauce, soy sauce and sesame seed oil.  And I was drinking more than usual, and eating more junk food at work.

I put weight on.

I'm going to lose it doing a low-carb vegetarian diet.  Why low carb?  I want to stop my dependancy on refined carbs, which is contributing to my problems with binging.  I also want to stop feeling bloated, and hopefully a low-carb diet will contribute to this without leaving me starving and prone to binging.

After the weekend (ie after I go food shopping) I will be following a proper low carb diet, until then I'm going to reduce my carb intake.

I'm going to miss the sushi rice-Sriracha-soy sauce-sesame combos. :(

Black coffee 0.8g carbs
Cornflakes 24g carbs
Soya milk 0.1 carbs
Almonds 3.6g carbs

White coffee 2.4g carbs

Rocket/Lettuce/Spinach salad 3g carbs
Home-made dressing made with olive oil, mustard, vinegar 0g carbs
Adzuki beans 28.5 carbs
Red pepper 2.7g carbs

1/2 Tesco Meat free Garlic Kiev 7.8g carbs
Quinoa 12.8
Salad 0
Broad beans 21.4
1/2 Tesco meat free barbecue fillet 6g carbs

Whiskey 0g carbs (WAHEY!)

Approximate total carbs: 107g

1 mile walk
15 mins jog
60 mins Body Pump

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