Friday, 22 April 2011


Yesterday was supposed to be Race Pace Thursday running 5k at 7.5mph at the gym, but as I got to there I was feeling all kinds of stressed out and just couldn't do it. I wasn't in the right place mentally, I wasn't breathing well enough, I was worrying about my stiff left calf, worrying about getting a stitch, worrying about the traffic home, and the traffic on the way to the gym. After about 2k I packed it in and cycled instead.

I'm beginning to wonder if I can hit my goal of 10k in 50 minutes, considering I could barely run 2k yesterday. Maybe I should give myself a break and aim for 55 minutes instead. Maybe I should give myself a break and remind myself I have about 13 weeks until the race which is plenty of time to improve my fitness.

Anyway, the song is a very cute song with a very cute video that always cheers me up and energizes me.

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