Saturday, 30 April 2011

Race Pace, er, Saturday? Tears for Fears - Shout

I've been terribly lazy this last week and haven't run since Tuesday.

I tried to do 3 miles at my race pace of 8 min/mile and failed miserably. I got a mile before I had to drop my speed. By the end I was gasping for breath, that horribly raspy breathing when I can't open my throat up enough to get the oxygen my body needs. I ran 3 miles in 25:26, which is slightly slower than my 5k PR of 25:31, but not shabby considering. I'm worried that with 11 weeks until my 10K race I won't be able to run it in under 50 minutes. I'm beginning to wonder if under 50 minutes, considering I can't run a 5k in under 25, would be too ambitious and that I should aim for under 55 minutes. I don't think I can do it under 50 minutes, but I'm going to try some hated and dreaded interval training to help me get quicker. 1 minute at 6mph (10min/mile) jog followed by one minute at 8.1mph (quickermin/mile)

Either way. Driving home tonight 'Shout' was on the radio and I spent a while wondering what I could do without. These include:

  • Me being lazy.
  • Worrying so much about running I avoid running. It doesn't matter, despite having told friends, family, colleagues etc I want to run the 10K under 50 minutes, if I don't. No-one apart from me will actually give a monkeys if I fail.
  • An incompetent colleague being promoted despite failing quite hard as they were shunted from team to team because no-one wanted them.
  • An irritating colleague who barely works on my team, hates the work, and want to stop helping us out anyway taking accolades my team earned, without us finding out until afterwards.
  • Open season being declared on Pippa Middleton by some sections of the media. Presumably Kate's off limits since she's married now and there's that uncomfortable legacy from her husband's mother's relationship with the media.
  • Me not being bothered to eat healthily for over a week now.
  • Dresses you can't wear proper bras under (sleeveless dresses, dresses whose backs go too low to wear a bra underneath, strappy dresses whose straps don't cover bra straps I'm looking at you)

Anything you could do without?

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