Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Time 2... Get serious?

After a few years of tramping on treadmills I've gotten serious and entered a 10k in mid-July. It'll be my first 10k and the longest race I've ever entered. I've done a couple of 5ks, a 4.46 miler (was supposed to be 8k, but it wasn't), and have run 5 miles on the treadmill before but 10k will definitely be the furthest I've ever run at once. I could run a 10k tomorrow, but am training to run it within a time I can be proud of. I'm not a fast runner, and if I'm honest I hate pushing myself really hard so I'm never going to be a speedy fifi, but I'm aiming at 50 minutes or so because it dovetails with my goal of a 5k PR under 25 minutes.

So, on to the workout. Today was cross-train day. I ellipted? for 30 minutes at level 10 on the elliptical trainer covering 4.3 miles, then I cycled for around 25 minutes at level 6 covering 7.78 miles or thereabouts.

This song is by a amazingly talented guitarist called Ewan Dobson. A colleague passed it on to me a few days ago and I knew it had to go on my gym playlist as soon as I had heard the first few notes. Whenever I listen to it while running I feel energized and when it's over I'm like, 'It's over? Was that really 3 minutes? Already? I want it to go on for at least another few minutes...'

Which is how I feel after a really good run.

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