Monday, 18 April 2011

World Vegetarian - Green Pepper and Cucumber Salad

I wanted to try a nice, simple salad for my lunch today to show that World Vegetarian doesn't just include curries that take hours to prepare. The green pepper and cucumber salad is a your bog-standard common-or-garden salad and has all the ingredients you can see in the picture above as well as a bit of olive oil and a rather precise 4 tsp of lemon juice. I juiced half a lemon and after using this there was a fair bit of juice left, which is annoying because I hate waste, so I popped the rest in some hot water and drank it while blogging. I can understand why you're only supposed to use 4 tsp because it would have been too lemony and acidic if I'd used all of it. However next time I may throw caution to the wind and use 5 tsp of juice.

It was very tasty eaten with a toasted brown pitta bread filled with halloumi cheese (when I lived in Syria we called this squeaky cheese) and home-made pickled beetroot on the side.

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