Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Starry Eyed

Well I was planning a 3 mile run this afternoon. Not owning a GPS thing I'd plotted a simple out and back run along a disused railway line on Walkjogrun but turned back too early and ran only 2.88 miles. I don't own a watch and also forgot to check the time before I went out so the run took somewhere between 30 and 26 minutes, I think. Gosh durn it!

I also had to abort my first attempt because I'd put on some thigh-length running shorts that tried to creep up my legs to be bum-length shorts as soon as I started running. So I had to turn back and put on some knee-length leggings that are a bit tighter.

There's enough pain and suffering in this world without exposing it to my upper thighs.

Either way it was a glorious run with bright green grass, bright blue sky, bright yellow oilseed rape in the fields.

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