Monday, 25 April 2011

Parklife - Easter Run, Simnel Cake.

You should cut down on your pork life mate get some exercise!

I drove home to see the family on Friday, this song came on the radio and I was transported to being a teenager again. Awesome. 

In the boot I had a slowly cooling simnel cake that I'd spent the morning cooking. I managed to forget to buy light muscovado sugar despite it being the first ingredient in the list so had to substitute dark muscovado sugar and golden caster sugar, which left the cake rather richer than it should have been. I also forgot to buy more ground ginger, but since you use stem ginger that wasn't so much of a problem. There is a lot of chopping involved, but the cake was delicious. 

Oh, and finish off the unused marzipan in the Estonian way - chopped into slim strips to be dunked in strong black coffee and eaten while hot.

It's just as well I took my running gear with me and did a 3.88mile run on Saturday morning. When I got back home my dad immediately asked me if I wanted a glass of cold water. Thanks, Dad.

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