Saturday, 9 April 2011

La Ritournelle

I first heard La Ritournelle in a Cath Kidston shop in York and yes it is just a bit twee. Not that there's anything wrong with Cath Kidston (I have a very nice red bookbag with white stars from there, thank you very much) but I haven't worked out how I feel about the fetishisation of feminine domesticity the brand seems to push yet. Plus the clothes look pretty but hang on me like a bin-bag and make me look twice as big and twice as old. They're just so mumsy...

It's a very laid back song, but the driving drums and piano just make me want to stretch my legs out and sprint. Today's run was a gentle 3.5 miler.

Anyway, talking of feminine domesticity I did an olive oil-sugar body scrub today. I have dry skin that seems to mummify at the slightest hint of cold weather, hot weather, wet weather, wind, dust... so I do these as often as I can. It's simple and cheap. Do it in an empty bathtub or shower because it does tend to fall off and you don't want sugary olive oil staining your carpet and you need to be able to wash it off when you're done.

Anyway, pour granulated white sugar into a bowl, pour on enough olive oil so the sugar is translucent and no longer white but is not drowning either, stir, scrape bit into your palm, rub your hands to coat your palms and slap on to your feet, legs, or elbows and give it a good rub. Don't use too much or spread it too thickly it will all just fall off into the bath or shower however some will fall off anyway. Shower it off when you're done, and slip on some old jammies or jogging bottoms before making yourself a cup of tea and putting your feet up. :D

I've never used it on my face, and if I'm honest I wouldn't recommend using granulated sugar as an exfoliator on your face as it's probably too abrasive and harsh. Don't use it if your allergic to olive oil or sugar, obv.

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