Saturday, 7 May 2011

What Else Is There?

I needed a good run, something I could do and afterwards feel like I'd achieve something, a distance and speed I could run and get into the rhythm and remind myself why I enjoy running: my feet tearing through the miles while I let my mind wander and relax. So gave myself a break. I ran 4.5 miles for my distance increase run today in 41.14 with an average pace of 09:10 or thereabouts.

While I was running What Else Is There? came on my iPod and the chilled out vibe suited the way I wanted to feel when I ended my run.

I think I had an easier run today because I've consciously eaten more. I'm trying to lose weight so am restricting calories. I think I found Thursdays and Friday's runs so hard because I'd been eating barely over 1000 calories net on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I'd had a bit of a binge on Monday so even though I hadn't eaten healthily I had more fuel for my Tuesday run. I'm going to try to not restrict how much I eat to stupidly low levels and give myself a break on the food front as well.

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