Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Question - GPS

I'm thinking about getting a GPS sportswatch.

1) I don't own a watch and don't want to cart my brick of a phone around to time my run. If I remember to look before I head out of the door I usually time myself using the clock on the cooker. Timing my runs is difficult.

2) I often run through a local housing estate near I where live onto a disused railway line so I can run without having to cross roads and keep an eye out for traffic, or having to stop and wait at traffic lights. So I do out-back-runs because it's more convenient than a circular run around the housing estates or streets of the town where I live. This makes it difficult to know exactly how far I've gone because I have plot a run on walkjogrun.net memorize where to turn around. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't and I find out afterwards I've run too far or turned back to early (usually if I do this I'm cheating because I feel lazy). A GPS would fix this.

3) A GPS watch with a HRM would help my training

4) I like gadgets.

Loads of bloggers use Garmin Forerunners and seem to love them.

I'm not sure whether to get a Forerunner 405 as reviews mention the bezel goes haywire if it gets wet and I don't really intend to run in the rain, ever, but I am a bit of a sweaty betty so this could be a problem,

Or a 410 which doesn't seem to have the wet bezel issues,

Or pre-order a 610 because it is the newest and the shiniest with a touch screen (OMG A TOUCH SCREEN! Old technology at a premium price, people!). It would be neat, but it is eye-wateringly expensive and I would be really annoyed if the touch screen is over sensitive or doesn't work well if it got wet from sweat. I could always sell it on ebay (one careful yet disgruntled owner...) and get the 410 instead. It's pre-order only with a shipment due in early May so there is still the chance it may not arrive in time to aide the training I'm doing for the 10k.

I don't know what to do!

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